April 7, 2010

a star was born.

so she is here. note: this blog will forever be personified as a girl. get used to it.
a blog was born. a star was born. 
her name is where there is love, there is art

she is a haven for artists. 
she is a place to find something to fill that blank wall that haunts you. 
she is a place to learn. 
she is a place to read love stories. 
she is ever changing. 
visit her often. 
she is bound to surprise you. 

in advance, thanks for welcoming her so warmly. 

1 comment:

  1. i love you much.

    and just so you know...every time i check up on this little gem of a woman of a blog i will be just as thrilled to do so as you are to hear the angelic voice of bernadette peters.

    thanks for making pieces of your heart accessible via my macbook.