August 16, 2010

ian keaggy of hot chelle rae.

one morning not too long ago i was going through the morning ritual- sitting on my bed, drying my hair, getting ready for the work day, watching my MTV morning videos. suddenly i see a familiar face {it wasn't the one above...}. then another familiar face {still not the one above}. then i saw the face of my friend Ian Keaggy. it was the strangest feeling. i've been waiting for the day when this might happen for quite some time. Ian is in the band Hot Chelle Rae. amazingly talented and destined for greatness. i look forward to seeing this face on my MTV many, many more times. immediately following this wonderfully strange moment i got in contact with Ian to 1. tell him how proud of him i was. 2. to ask him a few questions {like any good past journalism student would...}. here is what mr. keaggy had to say:
q: what is the story? how did the "music thing" happen for you personally? 
a:Well I started playing the piano when I was around twelve, a couple years later I picked up the guitar. I basically taught myself both instruments minus about 3 weeks of piano lessons where I learned how to play the "Titanic theme song." But I just didn't really do well with lessons, I wanted to play what I wanted to play, you know? So over the next several years I nurtured my desire to learn both instruments. When I was sixteen I started writing songs, it just sort of happened. I didn't know what I was doing, didn't have a plan or a structure. I would write songs with 4 verses and no chorus, or a long musical piece with a single chorus just dropped into the end of it. I had no boundaries and I really loved that. It allowed me to grow in a very independent way. Eventually I finished high school, moved to Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, for a couple months with no idea really what I was doing. But knew I needed to get out. I needed to grow, or "find myself," if you will. I had the time of my life there, such a brilliant experience, so rich with happiness and growth. I came back to the states ready for something to happen... and long story short, the band happened. We weren't called Hot Chelle Rae at the time, but they had been going through many bass players with no luck of a good fit. I had been friends with Nash and Ryan already, but hadn't even thought of joining up with them. I went to a show where they had a hired gun and I said to Nash after... "if 'he' can play bass, so can I." So i learned a few songs, rehearsed a couple times with them. I actually wrote some songs with the guys before I had even joined the band. It was such a perfect fit that it all fell into place. And so here I am today- 5 years later with my band Hot Chelle Rae and loving every minute of it. 
q: what provides you with the greatest inspiration? 
a:Honestly... happiness. When I find myself in an undeniable state of joy, creativity and ideas just come pouring out of me. It can be a result of several things: traveling, solitude, new music, experience, friends. So many things can contribute to it. 
q: what project (musically) are you most proud of ?
a:Well, we released our debut album "Lovesick Electric" in October 2009. The recording process was insane, it was magnificent. The opportunity to work with the brilliant minds of our producers {Eric Valentine, Butch Walker, Matt Radosevich} and then to see our finished product in my hands months later was unreal. It was a dream come true. It's packed with real feelings, real experience, and also songs simply just meant to make you dance. 
q: what is it about music that you love
a:The addiction. If it's me creating it, it gives me a high. I literally feel a rush when I'm playing my guitar, or the piano, and singing. Even if I'm by myself. Its so fulfilling. And then there's performing for people, real fans, people that love your music. Sharing your music is something I absolutely love- watching it effect them the same way it does you, right in front of your eyes. Nothing like it. 
q: what are you most looking forward to (professionally)? 
 a:Seeing more of the world! I just got done touring in Australia and it was the best experience of my life. The people, the culture, the fans! Whoa. Just wicked. I am looking forward to getting to feel that all over the globe! Can't wait. 
check out Ian and Hot Chelle Rae at: and

upcoming tour dates {check them out if you're in the area...}:
Wednesday, August 18: San Antonio, Texas @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Thursday, August 19: Arlington, Texas @ Six Flags Over Texas
Saturday, August 21: Atlanta, Georgia @ Six Flags Over Georgia

p.s.- ian is also an unbelievably talented photographer. as if he wasn't talented enough... 
where there is love {of music like a drug- ke$ha?}, 
there is art. 

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