July 17, 2011

nothing like those hot, summer weekends.

 yet again, big times in nashville. 

hope you had a fully alive weekend too. 

where there is love, there is art.

July 12, 2011

try these on for size.

always so proud. 

so much goods.

where there is love, there is art.

July 11, 2011

best friend takes pretty pictures in love
can't wait for that weddin'!
check out ariel renae. 
she's clearly a baller. 
but my friends are really that lovely.

where there is love, there is art.

July 9, 2011

don henley showcase.

so that happened this weekend. 
klass and karaoke.
how was your weekend?

where there is love, there is art.

July 7, 2011

mid-summer {nights} music mashup: 2011.

the most anticipated post of the year... 
right here, folks.
get ready to visit itunes... 

perth-bon iver
let me slide- great book of john
fresh pair of eyes- brooke waggoner
the great estates- the freelance whales
in the dirt- s. carey

need you now -cut copy
beth / rest -bon iver
bizness -tune-yards
losers -the belle brigade
up, up, up -givers

where i'm going - cut copy
holocene - bon iver
last friday night - katy perry
stay young, go dancing - death cab for cutie
second chance - peter bjorn and john

rolled together - antlers
bad things - cults
no one asked to dance - deerhoof
houdini - foster the people
powa - tune-yards

when i'm alone -lissie
this tornado loves you -neko case
never tear us apart -the great book of john
minnesota, wi -bon iver
look at miss ohio -gillian welch
don't you remember -adele
element -matthew mayfield
low- dylan leblanc
breaking hearts -james vincent mcmorrow
heart fixer- the greencards
**okay, so i broke the rules and posted ten songs. oops!

where there is love {of music}, 
there is art.

July 6, 2011

to love, love, love and love some more.

these beautiful words come from elizabethann... reporting back to me from beautiful honduras. 
One could argue that, "to whom much is given, much is required," meaning that those of us who are blessed with much are expected to cultivate a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of our faith. i can only speak for myself, but as many books as i'll ever read, and as many church-related things as i'll do, i can only pray that my faith might grow into a fraction of the faith of a women who depend on God's provision to fix her tin roof or to feed her family. these past three weeks have shown me that the "much" of which we are expected is not to reach a certain level of spiritual elitism, but to be available for Gods use as the provision so many are praying for, in whatever capacity we can, and to love, love, love and love some more. that's what Jesus did.
Q: so what exactly have you been doing in the day to day?
A: the day-to-day of the first half of my trip went towards work on a new bag design that uses what seems like an endless supply of off-white canvas someone donated. we spent a lot of time working with a screen printer here in Honduras who helped us print our own original design on the canvas. when the printing was done, we spent the following few days getting the bag into production. now that the bag is officially adopted into ME's product line, i'm spending my time creating a few patterns for fall that the girls can start on when the summer rush (this is our busiest time) ends. that all being said, the most important part of my day-to-day is the time i spend talking and laughing with the women.
Q: have you seen progress at mi esperanza? how so?
A: Mi Esperanza has progressed so much! the first time i came, everyone was really excited about the opening of our new store (before that, Lori and Janet were selling things out of suitcases). this trip, there's been all kinds of excitement about our NEW, bigger store location because we'd completely outgrown the first. by the end of the summer, Mi Esperanza is hope to move the beauty school into a newly acquired space on-site with the maquila (sewing workroom where all the products are made) and the store. ME also started an additional sewing class about 6 months ago in a town outside of tegucigalpa {the capital city}, called santa ana.
Q: how was it having your mom there?
A: having my mom here was an experience I'll hold as a sweet memory in my heart for all time. family is everything to the Hispanic culture, so meeting my mom really furthered the bond i have with the women. they enveloped her with hugs the moment she walked in! i spent a lot of the week in disbelief of the fact that she was actually here. of course, she's already planning to come back.
Q: do you have new dreams, hopes, and plans for the women in honduras?
A: absolutely. probably too many to say. the one that's been most prominent in my heart and mind this trip is this: the women i work with (the ones who graduated from ME sewing classes and became employed by ME) have made enormous strides physically, simply because ME provides them with health care. however, there is a tendency among impoverished women (and it totally makes sense) to purchase large quantities of the cheapest foods available (chips, rice, beans, tortillas etc...) rather than budgeting for a better balanced assortment of nutrients. on a small-scale, i would love to see these women learning how to better budget so that they can incorporate more protein into their diets, and learn why protein is important as well. i think that much of the problem lies in the fact that many of them do not have refrigerators and therefore, cannot keep most protein sources fresh. addressing the issue will require some thought, planning and research, but it's one i definitely plan to work on.
Q: what have you learned from being in honduras during this particular visit... because i know it's something!
A: this trip, i've found myself wondering how much of my faith i make so unnecessarily complicated. the women I work with are so quick to thank God for the smallest things, and even quicker to say, "I trust Him," in the large ones. their faith journey is not a sub-cultured, trendy part of their lives that's spelled out in buzzwords and name drops and tones of voice. it's a simple, steady walk with God in which they trust and depend on Him for things that you and i use every day, but don't ever notice.

where there is love, there is art.

July 3, 2011

katy perry.

love and magic.
that's what i hope for your day of patriotism.

taken from tumblr.
let freedom ring.
happy 4th of july.

where there is love {of america}, 
there is art {y'all}.

July 2, 2011

let's review.

this week in iPhone pics.
if you think i'm nakey in this picture you're a fool. strapless dress, yo. chill.

{lots of} scholarly time. freelancing. baby lovin'.
girls night at rojo. NEW record player purchase. a date?
visit from mom. porch revamp. nights in.
nights out. lots of heat. job application. new geeky glasses.
bring it on, july... 

where there is love {and stuff}, 
there is art.

June 30, 2011

all mixed up.

{i knew a guy once that wrote that song}.
all day i've wanted a song to tell me how i feel. 
it {almost} always comes back to bonnie.
but, dang this is beautiful too.
and now i can reconcile my feelings.
thanks again, music.

where there is love, there is art.

June 28, 2011

mid-summer nights music mashup: part deux.

it's that time of year again. 
time for playlist submissions-- 
send them my way, please. 

lookin' forward to it!

where there is {shared} love,
there is {shared} art.

she's the party, girl.

this weekend we celebrated
celebration and joy. 
those are her things so it was only fitting...

i have the best friends. 
the best folks around are my friends. 
it's pretty neat.

where there is love, there is art.

June 24, 2011

making connections.

she's with him.
or he's with her.
however you want to look at it.
i like it.
moreover, i love this cover of "maps."
prior to listening/viewing this i was a bit anxious--
this is a wonderful song and it seems nearly impossible that anyone could do it justice as a cover--
 i heard this.
beautiful, eh?

where there is love, there is art.

i'm frustrated so

thank you god for music
my talented friends- the great book of john.

thank you god for katiegirl and my niece/nephew

thank you for special folks that i adore. 
thank you god for most this amazing day:
for the leaping greenly spirits of the trees
and a blue true dream of sky;
and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings

where there is love {that struggles and wrestles},
there is art. 

June 21, 2011

you gotta have 'em.

girls nights. 
thanks to bettola
words do not do it justice. 
just know---
you may spend a lot of pennies, but it's worth every last one.

where there is love {and good company},
there is art.

did you hear?

{thank you, jesus}.
she no longer belongs to the island. 
she's back in the south {nashville}. to stay.
does that word stay make you anxious, liv?

where there is love, there is art.

June 20, 2011

band wagon.

some folks say "no." 
others say "yes." 
everyone has an opinion.
as always.
and i like that.
but i say...
so let me be band wagon for a second.
i can't wait.

where there is love {no matter how common place}, 
there is art.

oh... and because 1. bonnie raitt is my mother. 2. this is amazing. 3. because

June 19, 2011

i love him. 
and i love my papa too. 
i'm a lucky girl. 
where there is love {of a man},
 there is art.

the beautiful ones are getting married.

last night we celebrated the engagement of the most beautiful,
will + jeannette.

way to go, will! 
can't wait for the wedding. no, really, i can't wait... so hurry... 
where there is LOVE, there is art.