June 15, 2010

For you are a true work of art, Olivia.

*the title of this post is actually stolen from a song written about this little rockstar, ms. olivia keaggy, by her father phil keaggy. 

It only seemed natural that my first feature would be on Olivia Ann Keaggy. This darling angel is my best friend, so there is an obvious amount of love shared between the two of us. But more than that, Olivia embodies love and the creative. If you are reading this post and know Olivia you understand completely what I am saying. If you are reading this and do not know Olivia, honestly, I am surprised. Everyone that knows this child loves her. There are many reasons why this is so, but the most honest reason is because she loved them as soon as she met them. She could find the good in just about anyone, even if she has to search for it.

This pursuit of finding the good and longing to share love is what makes her the incredible artist that she is. Please check out her gorgeous website (and her) www.oliviakeaggy.com
Note: Olivia has very busy in the studio recently and has several paintings that she will be posting soon to sell. So continue to check up on her via her website! Or contact her for commission.
Here is a little interview I did with Ms. Keaggy. Enjoy.
Q: What inspires you most?
A: What inspires me? Watching the beginning of love unfold. The innocence of a child. Tears of joy. Witnessing someone follow their dream. Brilliant Music. Compassion. You. (hey, best angel, didn’t expect that… thanks! I’m blushing.)
Q: Fill in the blank. I like to paint ___________.
A: I like to paint what words cannot speak.
Q: I love __________.
A: I love painting to Joni Mitchell when it’s storming.
Q: What is a random fact about you?
A: There never really can be peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy for you (that’s the universal “you,” by the way).
Thanks, O, for participating.
It’s true that where there is love, there is art. 


  1. i love my best friends xoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Olivia -- now all I want to do is listen to Joni curled up with a book while it's raining. And where am I? At work. Figures.