March 7, 2011

dougy doug.

i've "shown off" my darling friend, sarah, on a few occasions. however, i have yet to tell where this story really begins... with her creative and passionate dad,  doug moorad...
mr. moorad and his lovely family. 
q: how did you first become an artist?
a: i am a self-taught artist. after enrolling in a few art and architecture classes more than 30 years ago at lake forest college outside of chicago, short of refurbishing furniture, i did nothing to cultivate my now growing interest in painting until approximately 5 years ago. as i was traveling the world for my job as a director of corporate sales training for a fortune 100 consulting and services corporation, i found that carrying watercolors, brushes and paper helped me to pass the time away from home. i started out creating small cards and works for gifts to family and friends. i first discovered that my paintings could have value when a proprietor of a pub in brussels, belgium accepted a painting of the city as a payment for dinner. now my paintings grace the walls of gift shops, corporate offices, and hotels from southeast asia to south hampton, and from stockholm to san diego. 
q: what inspires you most?
a: the goal of every work is to create a sense of personalization of the motion and emotion of nature as seasons and light change. 
q: fill in the blank, please. i like to create _____________.
a: i consider myself an interpretive landscape artist. i paint plien aire only when time allows, the snapshots are in my mind. i paint my larger works in hotels {where i have seen longer stays}, or in my studio in brentwood, tennessee. this style of painting suits my lifestyle. 
doug and judy moorad. 
q: i love ______________.
a: i love my relationships with jesus christ and my family- my three kids, adam, sarah, and will and my wife, judy. simply, when you have been loved it is easy to recognize the real meaning of giving love. it applies to each of the relationships i listed. i love my CD collection {i have close to 400}, music that makes you listen and pulls you in. i love good art, all kinds. of course i love watercolor the most. there are so many great artists and techniques. i thrills me. i love to watch people work hard at something- anything constructive. i love to watch passion, to watch people learn and feel as what they are doing really matters. i love hot weather, it's never too warm. i love soccer, tennis, and golf. i love the chicago cubs. my macbook pro. i love george, our yellow lab, he's my constant companion. i love the occasional starbucks too. 

where there is love, there is art. 

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