June 22, 2010

an instrument of art, of peace.

be the change you want to SEE in the world. -ghandi
Let me be the millionth blog you've read with this beloved ghandi quote. But... This face. She sees things that others can not. She sees a world of peace. She sees hopeful evidence for change. She sees creative potential everywhere and in everything. Elizabeth Ann Wade is inspiring. She inspires me. There is not merely one thing that she "does" or "does not." She is an artist of no boundaries- whether it's design, painting, mixed media collage, or relationships. 

EA has dedicated a great deal of time and energy to a non-profit (Mi Esperanza) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mi Esperanza works with women to empower them through education, as well as financially and spiritually. EA has been a God-send for Mi Esperanza, working with the Honduran women on their design and sewing skills. Through EA's work in Honduras new bags have been produced and sold to make profit for the women of Mi Esperanza. Lori Connell, the founder, said of EA, "working with a creative mind keeps you on your toes! EA is amazingly creative and full of energy."
Per usual, I asked this little beckon of inspiration a few questions in interview format... 
Q: What inspires you most?
A: Symbolism. I find myself most inspired by the world's precious subtleties that are all kinds of beautiful if you just dust them off a bit. 

Q: Fill in the blank. I like to paint (or design) ________________.
A: I like to paint (or design) ideas/prayers and clothing made out of thrifted fabrics. Call me Maria, but my favorite medium for clothing is curtains.

Q: Fill in the blank. I love ______________.
A: I love Hondura(n)s, mornings (especially in the fall), womanhood, and Jesus.

Q: What is a random fact about you that is at least mildly interesting?
A: I believe, with all my heart, that had I grown up in Colorado I would currently be training for the 2014 Winter Olympics. 

the things she sees reflect that...
where there is love, there is art. 


  1. beautiful...love my sister.

  2. May have just teared up a little.