March 3, 2011

the abrams.

mr. mayfield was right/write on when he penned the lyrics "show us the meaning of lives entwined" for these two. mia and michael abrams have a unique love for one another. it's sweet and it's inspiring. 
photo by rob ingram. 
q: how did you guys meet?
a: we met through mutual friends. michael was living with three guys and i was living with three girls. he actually knew two of the girls i was living with. he lived across the street and down two blocks. we met when he came over to help us rearrange furniture and move in. 
q: mia, what do you find most attractive about michael? michael what do you find most attractive about mia?
a: my favorite thing about michael is that he loves everyone. i'm his wife and he is so loving and kind to me. but the special thing about him is that he treats everyone with such love. from the person he has just met, to the friends he has grown up with. 
photo by rob ingram.
mia was first attractive to me because she cared about others more than herself. i've never been around someone who was so genuinely excited about the things that her friends are excited about. she rejoices with those she loves when they are happy, and weeps alongside them when thy are sad. from a martial standpoint, i couldn't ask for a better helpmate. i'm a dude. i always want to stay up a little too late, play guitar a little too long, and sometimes even have one too many "adult beverages." she thinks for me and wants to help me make the best decisions. she is the "big picture" to my "in the moment" life, if that makes sense. the special thing about this is that she wants me to make wise decisions and be the best me i can be, but she is always so gentle about it. she has always let me be who i am, but has carefully confronted me about her concerns. i couldn't ask for a better wife!
photo by rob ingram.
q: what work of art best represents your love for one another?
a: music. this is probably just because music makes me feel more than any other medium ever has. the funny thing is, some of my favorite songs are now much more special to me when i listen to them with her. 
q: what do you guys think is the key to loving?
a: look, i'm just gonna get this out there because i believe it to be true- i think the gospel is the key for me in loving mia, and anyone else for that matter. i genuinely believe that i'm inherently selfish and that i wasn't able to love others until i was loved. we both see our selfishness daily and are constantly challenged to put the other person before ourselves. love is work. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i will say, however, it's the hardest and most enjoyable thing i've ever experienced. 
where there is love, there is art. 

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  1. HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE TWO! this was beautiful. and i love your blog, hayhay. so much love. i need it. we all do.