March 1, 2011

in tune with olivia.

man! how i love this picture and this girl. 
she just looks cool, doesn't she? i happen to think she's absolutely wonderful. i consider her a kindred spirit though she is: 1. much cooler than I am. 2. a great deal younger than i. 
the secret is she impressed me with her passion for and opinion on "good music." if ever you want to know the secret to earning my respect, impress me with your taste in music. i have been known to love every type of music. however, there is a difference in good music and bad music. i explained this to my students just the other day. i told them one of my many goals for the school year is that when they leave my class for summer that they would have a deep appreciation for good music {and that does not mean justin bieber, despite popular opinion}. 
so here is a look into the current playlist of miss liv:
"well i feel like all of my music pretty much changes with the season, like bon iver and ingrid are put aside for a while. also, i don't really get stuck on certain songs. but i do get stuck on artists. so for that i will have to say right now it's...

wilco {who is coming to our mutual hometown of montgomery, alabama. shock!}

cat stevens {always}.

dr. dog

the head and the heart

larkin poe {previously the lovell sisters}

{these chicks right here are so up the ansleyhayden alley. gimme that bluegrass! all the time}.
thank you little miss olivia. 
i was once told by a friend that i met after college that she did not like me in college because she thought i was pretentious. that i gave off the vibe that i thought my taste, especially in music, was far superior to everyone else's taste. perhaps that could be true? guilty. 
where there is love, there is art.


  1. you are SO guilty. and so am i. and i love it.

  2. its just in our blood. love it.