June 6, 2011

horse pens 40.

during a not so happy time in my life i went on hikes every sunday. it was my ritual. sometimes i would watch tears hit the ground with every step, but it was sacred time for me. thankfully i am in a happier season of life. now going on hikes remind me of how far i've come, and how far i have yet to go. there's something very reassuring about being in near solitude in nature.

this sunday i took one of my dearest to my favorite hiking spot- horse pens 40. there's not another place like it in the great state of alabama. it's a hidden gem. the boulders of horse pens 40 are historical both during the trail of tears and during the civil war. it also happens to be "the home of the south's bluegrass music." walking into the park i imagine the story i've heard of emmylou harris' standing barefoot on the rocks during her first public appearance. to top it off the lookout point is remarkable. so we packed a picnic and were on our way...  take a look {if you wish}:
where there is love {to explore}, 
there is art.

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