February 2, 2011

how privileged we are to be a part.

it was love at first sight. no, really, it was. i loved this girl as soon as i met her. what's not to love? she's one of the most thoughtful and loving people i know. she has lived a lot of life in her {almost} twenty-one years, and continually makes decision that make me grow in respect for her. she loves without boundaries, and will love in spite of. i think this love is what makes her an incredible artist and creative mind. now introducing... kelsey boone:
q: how did you become an artist?
a: when i was in first grade I brought home a crayon picture of a goldfish. my parents claim that they knew that i had a knack. i also vividly remember getting the Highlights magazine in my childhood years, and always flipping straight to the page with all the art submissions. i wanted to see what other kids imagined. i still adore the art of a good children's book. creativity really took root beginning in high school, though. i was in the traditional program, so we all had majors. naturally- i declared art. not only did i take it all four years, but i had the privilege of taking two seminars at SCAD {savannah college of art and design} in the summer prior to my senior year. i studied poster and fashion design while at SCAD. i knew then that art was more than a hobby. i don't even think passion does it justice. it's a mindset that encompasses nearly every decision i make. i'm sure i sound a little extreme, but perhaps you understand. it's not like i can flip the switch- the light is always on.  in college i study english, rather than visual art. i get to read and write about language, about stories, about ideas everyday. i do love being an english major. BUT the dream lives on. i will study visual art again... one day. so i don't think it's fair to say that i've "become" an artist, but rather i am constantly becoming an artist. that is the beauty of creating. the mind of a creative soul never ceases in generating, recycling, and developing ideas. 
q: what inspires you most?
a: above all, the consistency of christ, and the love that he has enabled his creation to participate in. people's stories. cultures. all things old. my parents instilled in me a deep appreciation for the "worn-in"- postcards, dishes, hats, furniture, costume jewelry... everything. antiques have such beautifully rich and intricate history that is incomparable to anything new. e.e. cummings poetry. virginia wolf philosophy. the bluegrass state {home sweet, kentucky}. autumn in all it's glory. the sophisticated rawness of c.s. lewis. greeting cards. and this quote, "i have always been delighted in the prospect of a new day... with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." -joseph priestly
q: i like to create ________.
a: mixed media pieces. favorite subject to date is hands. posters. idea books. t-shirt designs. handmade cards {especially doing this with my mom}. now i want to learn to letterpress... 

q: i love ___________.
a: so much. louisville. my incredible family. community. brainstorming. breakfast. orange juice {with pulp}. complimentary colors. literature. originality. dusk. journaling. snail mail. thrift stores. wit. my mimi's cooking. accessorizing. soup. concerts. anthologies. yard sales. sunflowers. almonds. clever titles. tea. old luggage. texture. eateries of all sorts. parks. preschoolers. every kind of cheese. UK basketball. film. soul music. the tiniest of details.

"i love knowing that humanity is an expression of divine creativity. how privileged we are to be a part." -kelsey boone

where there is {so much} love, there is art.

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