February 10, 2011

i remember my first time...

doing step-sing. 
{fyi-- if you did not attend samford, nor live in the birmingham area, you probably have no idea what i am talking about. that's quite alright. step sing is the greatest tradition at samford university. the tradition of this singing and dancing performance dates back to 1951. today, nearly 900 students and 13 groups compete for the coveted prize- the sweepstakes. the wright center, where step sing is held, fits 2,600 people. performances happen for three nights, and the show is sold out every night. you do the math...  so, yes, to this little school step sing is a very big deal. and, yes, if you went to a state school this seems completely lame. just know that i, for one, will always love the weekend around valentine's day. not because of this sacred holiday... but because it's STEP SING WEEKEND!}
here i am today, 6 years later, and i am still just as excited! i look forward to seeing the shows. but more than that, i look forward to reuniting with most of my best friends from college. while most schools reunite for homecoming during football season, samford's step sing weekend is the time where most alumni "catch up."
saturday will be spent with these girls. we once could yell down the hall way of the chi omega house whenever we wanted to talk. unfortunately, those days are long gone as we now span across four states. you can only imagine how excited i am to see them! weekend come quickly...
where there is love {of old friends and traditions},
there is art.


  1. UT has something similar called All Sing but it is all dancing not just step. My grad school ETSU has something similar as well but I can't remember what it is called.

  2. I do love some Step Sing. Hope to see you tonight! Great post.