February 14, 2011

to whom it may concern.

if you are having a hard time being happy {whatever that means or looks like for you} on this holiday--honestly, i am sorry. i know what that feels like. sincerely, i do. miserable. you see the florist's truck drive by and you want to gauge your eyes out. i get it. but take a moment to look past what you perceive to be true, and accept a reality.
you are loved.
it's a little overwhelming. feels a little cheesy and uncomfortable {especially if you are a cynic}. however, every single person is loved here on earth and beyond. regardless of how romantic your holiday is there is someone that loves you. so that's a reason to smile and wear red and eat a ton of chocolate or drink too much wine with your girl friends.
so, my darling, happy valentines day! let yourself be loved. it's all around.

i, for one, have a pretty special little valentine.
eat your heart out. okay, wait, don't... it's valentines day after all. 

where there is LOVE, there is art. 

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