June 21, 2010

a home with story, with soul.

A deep sigh outward. It is not a coincidence that is the first response one has when walking in the apartment of Sarah Moorad. She understands the art of expressing oneself, of creating peace in your heart and in your home. She knows these things, as they are supremely valued for her- therapist by profession. "I try to create an inviting, yet peaceful environment by mixing the old and new," said Ms. Moorad. "I definitely strive for the eclectic look of an antique piece accented with modern pieces." There are natural elements throughout her apartment, specifically framed botanicals. She credits her grandmother for being a profound influence on her decorating style and love of botanicals (which she uniquely pronounces bah-ton-icals). "My grandmother had a way of bringing the outdoors inside with class and sophistication. By changing things inside to match the seasonal changes outside, it keeps things interesting and fresh." 

 top left [grandmas photograph of an english garden] top left [grandma's {mary gross} reproduction of the photograph] oil on canvas sarah's grandma was an avid and talented artist who was inspired by nature. yellow shell chair [estate sale birmingham]
this table was custom made for sarah's grandma in asheville nc. it was made by an old man who built all the furniture in the billy graham retreat center in nc. chairs [assortment from chicago, where sarah is from] architectural pieces are from an old barn in nashville tn- where sarah grew up. bench from antique shop franklin tn candles [anthro]

concrete lamp [pd's in franklin tn] old seltzer bottle [antiques of sarah's grandmas] ceramic bird [this was actually bonnie's (bonnie gay kirby) grandma's and she gave it to sarah because "she knows i like weird stuff like that." old antique books [various garage sales]

this old armoire was sarah's grandma's, she got it somewhere is chicago and had it ever since sarah was a little kid. sarah says "i remember this armoire being in her house always." water color painting {oringinal by doug moorad, sarah's dad} glass bottles {assortment of places... flea markets, etc}

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 
This post is in loving memory of Sarah's grandmother, Mary Gross. 

Where there is love (and memory), there is art. 

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