May 2, 2011

a happy list for L.

you know in middle/high school when EVERYTHING is an "inside joke." so that way you have something to write in someone's year book, right? this is very important to those developmental years and friendships. well now that i'm twenty-four there are few of these jokes that i remember. i do, however, remember that somehow my dearest lucy and i got to a point in a conversation where we shortened "love" to "L"... though i still can't remember how this happened? i think i'm okay with that joke sticking. after all, i love L. 
so now here's a very happy list for my girl,
man, i L.  this picture of the girl.
1. hook, the movie. {although, the song isn't bad either}.
2. the people who know me better than i know myself.
3. the entire rumours album.
4. laughing with people who don't speak your language. because what's more real than that?
5. venti iced coffee, skim milk, one sugar. please.
6. the face a new yorker gives you when you hold the door open for them.
6. new york in the spring.
7. stadium dogs, roll tide!
8. tuscaloosa, alabama in october and november.
9. a neighborhood bar {you know the type...}
10. un assiette du frommage, err... a cheese plate.
11. coffee table books
12. street performers
13. good ranch dressing
14. an unexpected wink
15. a boozy brunch with friends, new and old.
16. my mexi dress {not to be confused with a maxi dress}.
17. the power of prayer, always.
18. the bond understood between southern people when outside of the south.

p.s.- thanks, L. this was the condensed version, y'all. that's a happy girl! and that's why i L her.
where there is love {L}, there is art.

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