May 9, 2011

missed me.

that boy has a new video release... today! you might even see a redhead somewhere in there for a second or two.

that matthew mayfield boy, he sure is good. isn't he? i love this song for a lot of reasons. but mostly because of the sweet heart it came from. here is what the boy had to say about it himself:

going in, the goal was simple: capture the spirit of a few unique communities and have the song tie them together. but as we went along, it become something much bigger than that. there are no actors, no sets, no scripts. i want people to feel connected as they watch... taking in all the different personalities and all the life in this community. i'm so glad we shot it in birmingham. home is such an important part of who i am and my roots will always be here. with the entire state in the wake of a major disaster, it's imperative that communities come together and help each other- and so many of these folks are doing just that. it's inspiring. 

where there is love, there is art.

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