April 16, 2011


i don't typical give "personal updates" via the blog. it feels a bit narcissistic? but since i've been quite absent lately {teacher duty is not conducive to blogging} an update might be appropriate.

1.) two of my most dear friends from growing up got engaged. how rare it is to have TWO friends get engaged to one another, ya know? it's usually that i'm friends with the bride... but this time it's double love! here's to the future fisher's! cheers!
2.) i turned 24. the family pre-gamed the birthday with dinner at cocina.
3.) my angel, alison krauss, released a new album.

4.) the dearest folks in the world celebrated the twenty-fourth year at my rojo.

i'm feeling pretty good about twenty-four. pure magic. what'd you say?
where there is love, there is art. 

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