April 26, 2011

all things new.

‎"the way i deal with anything that's negative is to surrender. you have to let things go, have compassion, and recognize your blessings. as long as you're living your truth, you're going to be OK."

so that was my easter weekend
how was yours? easter is a pretty cool holiday, huh?

i've posted the quote above {that i found in this month's InStyle magazine}, spoken by my one-and-only kate hudson, most everywhere. i love it. and i pray i live it. as for the photos-- taken easter sunday at my parent's home. the first photo is of my beautiful baby brother {and if you think "beautiful" is a feminine word... then you need to chill}. the second is of my stunning mother. i'm very proud of my family. it's true. 
where there is love, there is art.

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