April 26, 2011

happy. happy. joy. joy.

it's about time. 
let me tell you what makes me
well, for one, this little chickadee.
1. thinking about summer 2011.
2. the fact that the moonlight is back in the magic city.
4. a cold strongbow on the porch {of my future}.
5. that awesome thing the sunlight does late in the afternoon right now where it shines straight through the tree limbs. dang, that's great!
6. french bulldogs.
7. getting home from a day of doing exactly what i know i'm here to do. teaching.
8. a good break-up song.
9. hiking horse pens 40.
10. hearing from the person you want to hear from.

calling all happy folks--
tell me what makes YOU 
email me: ansleyhayden@gmail.com
where there is love, there is art.

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