April 9, 2011

why didn't i think of this sooner?

i know, i know, i know...
i could give you 328497329847 excuses for why i have been the lamest blogger ever lately. the type of blogger that annoys me to know end. but... i hate excuses.
i'm sorry.

the good news: i've got something fun for you.

the original intent of this blog was to display LOVE as art {or to display ART as love? tomato, tomato?}. so what better way to do so than to show video of my favorite and most creative love birds. singer/songwritin' love.
in no particular order, here's my lovin' inspiration {this should keep you "busy" at work/school for a while...}:

1. my dream of a man, johnny cash... and his dream, june carter cash.

2. so it doesn't always last... james taylor and carly simon.

3. a real rocknroll love- bruce springsteen & patti scialfa

4. yoko and john. duh.

5. you know they're still in love. stevie and lindsey.

love, y'all.
where there is love, there is art. 

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