November 1, 2010

27-7=20 dresses remain.

Jane : Strange as it sounds, I've had some really good times in those dresses. Weird as that may be.
Malcolm Doyle : I don't believe you.
Jane : I don't care if somebody wants me to wear a funny dress: It's their day, not mine.
Malcolm Doyle : God bless you.
Jane : And if supporting them when they get married means: Snowshoeing to a mountaintop in the Alps or... helping to caulk a fountain for some swans, then-
Malcolm Doyle : You actually did that?
Jane : Oh, I'm a really, very good caulker.
Malcolm Doyle : Likes caulk. All right. But come on. Seriously. I mean, how much time do you spend doing this for other people? What about-What about you? You don't have any needs?
Jane : No, I don't. I'm Jesus. Someday- God knows when, But'll be my day. And then all those people will be there for me: So- That is if I ever-
Malcolm Doyle : Sorry.
i've had some really good times in these dresses. 
i have a while before i join the ranks of katherine heigl. however, that is indeed my "bridesmaids dress closet" {it also serves other purposes which is why you aren't allowed to see the inside contents... there are more bridesmaids dresses where these came from...}. in the next three weeks i will attend a bachelorette weekend and watch two very dear friends walk down the aisle. how special it is to stand beside your friends as they look the most beautiful they have ever looked, and repeat the most significant words they will ever say. so i echo katherine heigl, maybe someday... if ever marriage doesn't terrify me or i decide that an actual wedding ceremony (as opposed to a visit to the justice of the peace) is worth the cash flow... these girls will be there for me in the same. i look forward to these next few weeks!
where there is love, there is art.

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  1. hayden, your wedding is going to be amazing.
    actual wedding ceremony=worth the cash flow. especially if you are an alabama bride. even more especially if you are from the gump.