November 24, 2010

my favorite things.

if oprah can have her favorite things then so can i, right? the only tragedy here is that if you guys {anyone who reads this} play the part of my "studio audience" then you are out of luck... there are no freebies to be had. sorry, unlike oprah, i'm broke.

1. Pacifica Perfume- i don't like perfume. never have. but this made all the difference.
2. Chanel Powder- life changer. worth every penny. 
3. splits 59 yoga pants- i wear these daily. ask anyone.
4. Sparkly Toms- i might wear these daily too?
5. Farmland Cheddar Veggie Chips- publix, where did these go?
6. Hair "Wand"- using this you become a pixie. which is basically my dream.
7. iPhone 4 cover- i feel like rihanna thanks to this ivy pattern.

8. Big Sky Organic chocolate chip cookies- dangerous addiction.

9. Laura Marling- all day. every day.
10. Alternative Apparel tees- perfection. 

where there is love, there is art.

1 comment:

  1. Love your favorite things.. especially #4 & #8