November 3, 2010


yesterday i heard very exciting news {making up for my disappointment over the election returns}. the great gatsby will be taken from page to stage... well, not a literal stage but rather film.

the 11th grade class that i am with currently are reading this great work of literature. however, when i announced this news with gusto these 17 year olds were not very enthused. therefore, i will try again in this medium. baz luhrmann, the director of "moulin rouge," is responsible for this pending film adaptation. the talk is that leonardo dicaprio will play the role of jay gatsby. however, the search for casting daisy is still in the works. my excitement is well matched with anxiety {go figure} because i tend to keep the great gatsby in a metaphorical glass case. after all, i am from montgomery- where the spirit of jay gatsby lives on. as mentioned, i am also a nerdy english teacher. even still, baz luhrmann is one of my very favorite directors. friends from high school, my past teachers, and my mother can attest that i watched moulin rouge almost nightly during my 9th {or was it my 10th?} grade year. side note: mrs. belcher i think i still have your copy of moulin rouge. don't remember how i ever got it to start with... but i'm sorry! oh! i just can't wait. 
you think this cast will do the trick? 

where there is love {in the west or east egg}, 
there is art. 


  1. baz luhrman is my fave too!!!!

  2. ooh, exciting! did you see the original adaptation with mia farrow and robert redford? it's too fabulous for words :)