November 23, 2010

today i'm thankful.

and that's kind of a big deal. i mean, i wish i lived a life where every day i was oozing with joy and thanksgiving. but in this particular season that hasn't necessarily been my reality {kind of a debbie downer statement, apologies. #i'mjustbeinghonest}. i do try, however, to be aware of reasons to be thankful regardless of circumstance. whether it is a happy day or a sad day i like to remember these things... or when it's the week of thanksgiving...
having these two {sarah and olivia} as my bests makes me pretty thankful in and of itself.

i'm thankful that i have my health. even more thankful that i have healthy family and friends. that is not something i take for granted.

thankful that i get to look forward to a yummy rojo dinner tonight with my favorites katiegirl and momochild.

thankful for the sweet voice of baby jewel that says "hay-hay."

thankful rihanna busted out a new album last week. followed by kanye and girl talk. {and now i am thankful i can be band-wagon without shame}.

thankful that in 22 days i am visiting my favorite city with a couple of my favorite gentlemen.

thankful that the common core standards were passed in the state of alabama. yeehaw.

thankful for the sound of rain falling on fallen leaves that i currently hear.

thankful that in a few short days i can hug my papa's neck and eat my nana's yummy food. it's so nice to have grandparents.

thankful for alabama and auburn football... war eagle! {and roll tide?... no, no just war eagle!}

thankful to know and be loved by some of the most talented folks around who constantly inspire me {go to workplay friday night for Matthew Mayfield and Red Harp if you live in or around birmingham... post football game? yes please}.

thankful to be thankful.
where there is love, there is art.

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