November 17, 2010

you've heard from this boy before. in fact, on this blog you will hear me brag on him for two reasons: 1. he is married to the most beautiful woman in the world, one of my nearest and dearest, katie. 2. he is an unbelievably talented musician. {okay, and he is a also one of the most humble and kind souls... to ever live... like ever}. here's to garret kelly of red harp. cheers! 
now here is what he had to say:
q: so how did the music begin for you?
a:  i was young when i first started music. i fell in love with nirvana when i was in 4th grade, and by 6th grade i was in a punk/ska band playing at cheerleaders' birthday parties. i was just young trying to fit in, but i learned alot back then about performing and the groundwork for songwriting. i wrote my first solo and honest song when i was 18. it's called "poison in their blood" and i still play it sometimes. ever since then, i've tried to make my music a form of art, something i use as a canvas for my creative energies.
q: what's the update on red harp {projects of the future, etc.}?
a: we are trying to play as much as we can. we just got a website. i'm always working on songs, and i currently have a butt load of them unrecorded. i think thats all the future consists of too. just writing and recording music. of course, if we catch on, and our fan base grows nation wide. some of the anarchistic ideologies that i sing about might influence a revolution... but i don't think america's ready for that just yet.
garret with his one true love, my girl, katie.
q: what inspires you most?
a:  i see a constant theme in my music, and that's death. a lot of my songs are just about the universal struggle of dealing with being mortal. so, i guess what inspires me most is life. the fact that i am here in the flesh given the choice for my own actions is always surprising and sobering.
q: what is it about music that you love?
a: i read in a Vonnegut book that music is proof that God exists. i think it represents something in life that is essential to human nature. what i've always loved about music is that it can effect your whole emotional spectrum. you never know when a song you've overlooked for years will suddenly seem so beautiful.
q: what is it that you look most forward to in this journey?
a:there's always the hope that i can get rap star rich... but until then i hope to be content with creating art. i can't wait to see what else i can make with a couple of strings and some poetry.
upcoming red harp shows:

where there is love, there is art.

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