June 16, 2010

home as art.

"One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul and yet no one ever come to sit by it. Passersby see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on the way." Vincent van Gogh 

Some people decorate their home with art. While others make their home a work of art. And even still, there are those that decorate their home with love making it a work of art
I desire to be the latter environment home maker.I aspire to always be ready for guests. Therefore, there are three things my home will hopefully never be without:
  • dark chocolate in a bowl (a la first photo)
  • fresh(ish) flowers
  • wine ready to serve
I've always been interested in creating environments. My home is a place where I want to feel both inspired and comfortable, not just for me but for all the "passersby." It would be honest (and easy) to say that I learned the art of creating an environment from my mother. She has it down to a beautiful science.

It seems pretty strange to post one's home on the interwebs. Though I always love when people do so, there is something a bit odd about it when you do it yourself. Is this safe? Is this too American, reality TV culture? Does this make me a narcissist? I pray the answers are yes, no, and no (in that order). Nevertheless, I am caving and posting photos of my little environment for all the world to see.
For the sake of safety and such I will not say explicitly where I live- but I will describe it a bit. I live in a historic property within arms length of downtown. It's a quaint little spot. Not too suburban, just enough sidewalks. I can walk to a grocery, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or park with ease. The owners of this property are in step with historical preservation and maintaining the original charm. The property was built as the Jazz Age was turning the corner, and maybe I chose this particular apartment because I'm from Montgomery and day dream of the days of the Fitzgeralds. I am not ashamed to say the original hardwoods and kitchen sink who's size is comparable to that of my car were the clinchers for me signing my lease. I do not have a dishwasher. Yet, I have found that dish washing is surprisingly therapeutic. Dish washing has become my time of prayer and meditation because it causes a forced pause. The simplicity of my living environment is a welcomed contrast to my not-so-simple personality (I'm an artist, give me a break).

where there is love (in your home), there is art.

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