June 17, 2010

love list.

ansleyhayden loves ten things... and then some.
1. jewel's smile and laugh (no, i don't care if you think that's cheesy).
2. dark chocolate
3. mia michaels choreography (so you think you can dance dance danceee...)
4. moscato d'asti
5. my little brother's dream
6. pretending i'm super irish
7. fresh flowers (sans roses)
8. the honduran sunset
9. the feeling of gratitude from your body when leaving pure barre
10. the words and truth of mark 8:35 echoing in random places in life
11. sharing stories and secrets

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  1. Jewel is #1 on the love list and I love that!! Anna

  2. this is why i love you and your blog. you better have days like taza does and let people send in happy lists. because i will send you one. love love loveeee you.