June 23, 2010

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She recently became Mrs. KellyHe now has a full-time job of husbandShe is a sweet friend of mine. He is a rockstar (red harp). There is nothing more that I have to say. They speak for themselves.
             photo credit given to rob ingram
Q: How did you guys meet?
A: Katie- I knew who Garret was a little while before we actually met.  I didn't know a ton of people in Birmingham, and Bekah Fox (the loveliest of ladies) called me one night to see if I wanted to go to a birthday shindig. I remember I was having a drink at Bottega Cafe when she called. She named several people who were going to be there and I didn't have a clue who any of them were. 
GarretWe met at Bellbottoms. That's right- Bellbottoms! A sleazy dance bar. This is not a place you were likely to find either of us, and it is an unfortunate way for such a great and beautiful love story to begin to unfold. But I guess that's the way life is- you can't call it. It unfolds and then you're there. Staring into the eyes of a beautiful girl, trying to impress her with your rendition of some 90's hip-hop move. I mean, we had seen each other before. There was the time I saw her talking with my then current roommate. I was standing behind her mouthing to him "Go for it, dude!" She didn't notice I was there. Then, there was the time I saw her getting coffee (and probably a chocolate chip cookie too) at a local cafe. I pretended not to notice those big, mysterious eyes when she started talking to my buddy about who knew when from where. We didn't formally introduce ourselves then and I wonder why? I also saw her at the dollar theatre once. I think the movie had something to do with explosions and human nature, or maybe it was aliens and lawyers? I dunno. But I remember seeing those eyes again. Man, I had to play it cool. I must have pulled it off too. Because there we were out on the dance floor shaking what we got. That's when I heard her tell me the name I already knew her by. Katie. My life would never be the same.
Q: What do you find most attractive about Garret/Katie?
A: Katie- Man, this is really hard for me to answer. There are the obvious things: his eyes, his hair, his smile, his scent, his style, his charm. Oh! And his eyes.  Garret is the kindest heart I've ever known. He loves with all of his being. He is very sensitive. He's southern to the core, which I adore. He's an old soul. He loves the classics. He is wise beyond his years. He's a brilliant musician. He's funny. He is completely selfless and incredibly passionate. But I think what I find most attractive about Garret is just how real that boy is. All of the things I mentioned about him prior tie into to this because all of those things are approached with such honesty. He is so genuine. No lies, just love. He speaks truth, and searches for it tirelessly. Garret is a man of few words, but when he speaks you better listen because it's likely to be the most profound, beautiful thing you've ever heard. He doesn't waste his words or time  on trivial things, or things that aren't true. His words are full of purpose and full of hope, never speculating or judgmental. He wants the world to be peaceful and full of kindness. He has shown me love like I never knew existed. There are no words. Oh, and that ring on his left hand is pretty darn attractive. That's high on the list, too.
Garret- MOST attractive? You mean choosing just one beautiful quality of an amazing and irresistible girl, and putting it above all others? I could write books on the subject, but putting one above the rest... The instant you see her, you are entranced. And its not just me, believe me, I know. It's everyone she meets. She is like a constant sunset. You can't look away and you don't want to. And that would be enough, you know? I mean, you would only assume that if the good Lord blesses a girl with so much beauty like that, it'd only be fair of him to try and even things out with the rest of her. But that's not how it is with Katie. She is more lovely to me the more I know her. And everyday spent with her is a good day.

Q: Is there a work of art (painting, literature, song, etc.) that best represents your love for one another? 
A: Katie-  Well, I don't know about Garret, but I turned into that sappy sentimentalist where every song on the radio, every movie, every piece of art I thought it was all created about our love! Everything was all for us. we're music lovers, for sure, so there have been a few songs that are special to us. Garret writes the most beautiful songs you've ever heard, so all of those are especially dear to me. We're also movie lovers, and are moved through film. But one sweet little work of art stands alone. When Garret and I were not quite officially dating, still in the weird, agonizing "how does he feel?" stage, I gave him a book. I didn't buy it intending to give it to him. I found this book in the children's section at anthropologie. It's this little red book called "i like you." I believe it is the perfect book. I wish i had written it. It would have been about Garret. The words are magical and the illistrations are simple and charming. So, I went to Garret's house the night I got it. I told him I wanted to read him a book and he looked at me like I was crazy. Those moments while we were reading that book together were so precious to me. I felt like walls came down. It was a turning point in our relationship, like we both just couldn't fight it anymore.  His favorite line of the book I wrote on the inside: "I would go on choosing you and you would go on choosing me." There are so many good lines. So, so sweet. We had it displayed at our wedding. That is definitely our book. We don't have a song, or movie, or any particular sunset. Oh, but we have that little red book.

Q: What do you guys think is the key to loving?
A: Garret- You gotta find the right one. I'm sure there are many different answers from any given person on any given day as to what the key to loving is. But for me, if it wasn't Katie, it wasn't nothin'. She is the only person i would be willing to continually give to, and to constantly compromise for, and to always want to make happy. And I'm an amateur at best. I dont know what the ingredients are for the perfect marriage, or how to tell someone else how to turn there relationship into ours. I just know I've found a jewel in a world of garbage. And when you find something that stands out so magically beautiful compared to anything else, you hold on to it no matter what.

Where there is love, there is art.   

"I always tell Garret that I wish he could be my job, 'cause loving him is really the only thing I'm any good at... and he always says that he'll start paying me. So then I feel like a prostitute." -in a message I received from Mrs. Katie Ford Kelly

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