June 18, 2010

she is a gem, or a jewel(ls).

         one of the most talented people i've ever known. 
                   i think that's one of those things everyone wishes someone would say about them. 
julia ann starke is one of the most talented people i have ever known. done.
i say that with total sincerity. julia ann, or jewells, and i studied art together in high school. we were two of several art studio rats. we were friends but i was secretly totally intimidated by her. as far as art was concerned jewells could do it right, and even when she did it wrong- it was right. in addition to the natural talent that she has been given jewells has worked incredibly hard at honing her craft. she studied for a summer at rhode island school of design. followed by attending auburn university studying fine art with a concentration in painting. she has been an intern at several art galleries, and is pursuing a masters in fine art upon graduation from auburn. 

i could not be more proud of julia ann and her development. you will be very glad to have one of her pieces in years to come because i guarantee this is only the beginning for her. 
I asked Julia Ann a few questions in interview format:
Q: What inspires you most?
A: Asking “why?”
Q: Fill in the blank. I like to paint ___________. 
A: people
Q: Fill in the blank. I love ______________________. 
A: I love sharks, otters, good teamwork, good smells, asians, and artists who love making art more than hearing about how awesome their art is.
Q: What is a random fact about you that you find at least mildly interesting? 
A: Some day, I want to paint my nipples as panda bear heads and surprise someone with them.

julia ann specializes in portraiture and is available for commission.
for more on julia ann visit: http://www.juliaannstarke.com/ or contact her at starkju@auburn.edu

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