February 1, 2011

FEBRUARY giveaway.

welcome to february, everyone!
i have a special treat for you... 
thanks to my lovely friend, morgan, at korora designs
this month's giveaway is a free Intro to Sewing class
korora is a professional styling boutique that offers a variety of services, as well as products. 
their website is easy to navigate through so please give it a look! 
so how do you apply for the giveaway?
simply "follow" where there is love, there is art by clicking on the button on right-hand side. 
then, comment below telling us what you would love to sew if you knew how!
but hurry... the giveaway starts today and closes on sunday (the 6th). 
i think february is going to be lucky for you! can you feel it?
the item made in the intro to sewing class. how cute is this? 

where there is love, there is art. 


  1. i wish wish wish i was around to win this one.

  2. I wish to learn to sew skirts and pillow. and maybe some pretty gifts for friends and family.
    (pick me! pick me!)

  3. I'd love to sew my own bags!

  4. I want to learn to sew those really cute pants with the ruffles at the bottom for my daughter.