September 23, 2010


morgan gillespie. she's a lady. a really creative and stylish one at that. she recently went on a grand adventure, launching her own little company- korora designs. after studying and working in the industry morgan has decided to give herself a little freedom. she is operating a full-service, style boutique offering both interior design and fashion styling services. also, her full accessory line was launched TODAY.
ms. morgan herself. 
q: what inspires you most?
a: Oh, this is a difficult question. I love vintage fashion, beautiful films, design blogs and I'm a total sucker for fashion magazines. All of these outlets trigger creative inspiration in one way or another, but it's easy to lose sight of the individualistic nature of art and become bogged down by what everyone else is doing. The moments I find most influential are when I'm completely engulfed in designing a new product or concepting for a shoot. Allowing myself to be totally absorbed in the creative process is when projects truly develop. I typically find initial inspiration in the materials themselves and then trap myself in the studio with my sewing machine and some good music. 

q: fill in the blank. i love to create _________________. 
a: beauty.
oh, wait, i know this model. it's my sweet katiegirl. 
q: what is your favorite aspect of your "job?"
a:  I truly love concepting for photo shoots. It allows me to step outside of the day-to-day and create my own little fantasy world.
image from korora photo shoot. 
q: what is your vision for what is to come {artistically/professionally speaking}?
a: I definitely want to continue styling. As for products, I would like to add a line of apparel to Korora. Maybe for 2011!

the birthday girl, morgan, of korora designs. 

where there is love {of beauty},
there is art. 
p.s.- it's morgan's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADY MORGAN!

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