October 19, 2010

yes, that really is his last name.

he really doesn't require an introduction. he is plenty capable of speaking for himself {you will see that this is true...}. in fact, it seems as though every word he uses {musically or otherwise} is methodical and artful. this, my friends, is preston lovinggood. 
q: so how did the music begin for you?
Music began for me... I would listen to my sisters practice piano in the den and I would take Clinique advertisements out of my mom's magazines and put them up on my wall and sing to them.
q: what's the update on WSO (projects of the future, etc.)? 
Wild Sweet Orange broke up. Terribly sad... Matt, Garret, Taylor, and Chip are all huge creative forces. It's amazing that we all got a chance to do it as long as we did. Every one is still being creative and adding so much to Birmingham and beyond...
and there they were... on David Letterman.
q: what inspires you most? 
What inspires me the most is trying to read people's minds, to some extent. It can be a dangerous thing, But I like to think I know people without ever talking to them. That is what writing songs is about to me- to imagine Richard Scrushy awake in the middle of the night drinking a glass of water in his kitchen. When people come into my mind I write songs for them, prayers for them, hoping they are doing well. It all starts with a scene in my head, that's why movies are always so close to my creative process. When I can put words or music to images in my head, thats what I'm going for- CONNECTION! swoosh....
preston sent me this image of scrushy. thanks, presty.
q: what is it about music that you love?
I love to perform the music. It's rare that when I am working on a song that I don't picture myself live in a venue. You are on stage... and what you are really saying by walking on stage and performing is... I MATTER... MY EXPERIENCE MATTERS... I'm hitting these strings and banging on drums... MATTER MATTERS, YOU MATTER, WE ALL MATTER .... and I want you to know what I believe to be true. Music is magic... it makes people happy. I always think about that clip on MTV of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis tells everybody to take their shirts off and everybody does it. I always loved that, hopefully music can always be that kind of experience...
another visual gift from presty.
q: what is it that you look most forward to in this journey {professionally or otherwise}?
I look forward to making music because I want to find myself. I want to hear a beautiful chorus. I want to watch my friends play music. I want to get my hands dirty. And I want to be more like my best bud, Taylor Hollingsworth.

be sure to check out preston at the red cat on november 5. 
where there is love, there is art. 

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  1. i love you and proud of you brothaaa!!!