October 10, 2010

all so beautiful.

back from austin. forever i had heard the wonder of this city. now i know what was said is true. everything is just cooler in austin. everything is a little stranger. a little more creative. but it all has purpose. it's not strange for the sake of being strange. it's just a new thought. doing something different because it doesn't have to be done one particular way. i love it.
the building of buildings in tejas. 
i just so happened to visit austin during the famed festival austin city limits. this festival is held in a beautiful park in austin. if it's not on your "bucket list" yet, it should be. i honestly did not go to austin on this weekend purposefully. i am sure you aren't believing me when i say this. but, i can't afford festivals the way i once could. however, thanks to my rockstar friends {the kicks} was able to attend on friday. i saw: beach house, vampire weekend, the strokes, and phish. i know, right?
thanks to this sweet friend and her rockstar huzzah i attended ACL.
the rest of my time in austin was spent in a city school {that was the purpose of my trip. not the music. do you believe me yet?} and wandering. i love to wander and get lost in the unfamiliar. there are beautiful things to find. like the moment i had sitting in a grassy knoll in the center of the city, watching the sunset from a red picnic table with a eyelet lace table cloth and a lamp post on every corner. just me. sitting. eating my cupcake. it was one of those deep sigh out moments.
the perfect moment.
thank you, austin. i like that you keep weird. after all, i like to keep weird myself.
what i saw from the grassy knoll.
acl 2010. 
stayin weird?
s. congress
"fashion rocks the belmont" event. 

where there is love {of a city... another one}, 
there is art. 

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