October 22, 2010

if i didn't know better.

i'm really working on being healthy and balanced. this is something i have to reassess about every other week. i wouldn't consider myself the most balanced individual. BUT i am trying. so yesterday i gave myself a "day off" of sorts. i caught up with some friends and took some time for myself {i really have a hard time with that...}. for example, yesterday evening i went to the civil wars show at my alma mater with two of my loveliest friends-katie and sarah. oh! and how can i forget the little munchkin, ernie mo, that joined us? after the show katie and i went to bottega cafe where we were entertained in the most unexpected way. following bottega we decided some late night baking was in order {chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, duh}. here are a few photos from the evening:
ernie was very well behaved. clearly.
it's whatever. i'm 5. 
puttin' that batter on that cookie sheet, girl.
the best cookies ever. no lie.

have a great weekend!
where there is love {and an attempt at balance},
there is art. 

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