October 12, 2010

a good find.

i've told the story of how i have a cute, little {but not that little} brother. he is a bit more than i give him credit for. unless you know him well it would be hard to know what this onion of a fella is all about. he's one of those kind of folks that you have to peel the layers back one at a time. his label reads "golfer" which might make you assume he lacks creativity. this isn't the case with williamhunter. he can throw clay and encaustic paint without a furrowed brow. he also appreciates hanging the art of others on the walls of his condo. in fact, it was nearly a year ago that i received a message from him to check out a local artist- chase langefield. months and many conversations later, he had a painting commissioned by this impressive young artist. he had a vision of exactly what he wanted and chase langefield saw it to completion.
langefield with my brother's commissioned painting.
after seeing my brother's painting my curiosity peaked concerning langefield- a university of alabama student and native of illinois. per usual, i asked her a few questions on the topic {you know, love and art...}:
q: what inspires you most? 
a: i am inspired by the everyday- a random object or situation sparks an idea.
q: fill in the blank. i love to paint __________.
a: faces. they are interesting.
q: fill in the blank, again please. i love __________.
a: i love to paint. i love to paint and i love my dog, stewie. 
q: what is your vision/dream/goal for what is to come {as far as art is concerned}?
a: i hope to get my art out to as many people as possible. i want it to be everywhere for people to see.
for more information on chase langefield's art follow her here.

{it is no surprise} where there is love,
there is art. 

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