October 24, 2010

love + marriage.

love and marriage. it's easy to make a connection between the two {kind of like love and art, ya know?) so easy, in fact, that i believe we take it for granted. it's also easy to grow cynical of the union of the two when today's reality is as it is. however, the love i saw yesterday at a wedding in nashville was nothing short of inspiring. it was the wedding of my dear friend, jessi, and the love of her life, jonathan. so maybe love and marriage do go together like a horse and carriage afterall?
the walker family begins.
where there is love {and a really cool union called marriage}, 
there is art.

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  1. This is sweet. Thanks, Hay. I feel honored to have made my second appearance on the blog, and I am excited to have inspired the blogging world with my true life love story. Thanks for being there, like you have been from the beginning, HayHay.

    JWalker ;)