October 4, 2010

morning ritual.

do you have a morning ritual? most of us do. i'm currently teaching in a school outside of the city. it takes on average 20 minutes for me to get to school in the mornings. however, in actuality, it takes about 40 minutes because i have to stop for coffee. is there anyone who switches up their coffee order? i, for one, think about it. yet every morning i order a coffee with soy. last week was a morning almost identical to the rest. i left my apartment around 7 o'clock, stopped for coffee, turned my radio onto NPR's "Morning Edition." but on this particular morning the sweet voice over the radio struck a chord with me. my drive was not as thoughtless as usual, and it wasn't because of the coffee. it was the last words of the story teller on "Morning Edition" that haunted me: "but you have to fight loneliness... and I think it tests your beliefs. But it has always been love that carried me through." yes. my thoughts exactly. i'm not going to tell her story. i will let her tell it for herself... 
the story teller's first love. photo taken from npr.org 
you can listen to the rest of the story here
where there is love {despite feeling}, 
there is art. 

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