October 18, 2010

the colors of fall.

despite the fact that my weekend was dominated by writing lesson plans on Macbeth, i can honestly say it was lovely. how can it not be when {as you are sitting at your computer for hours at the time thinking of every way to convince children that this play is actually relatable} you look outside your window to find the beautiful colors of fall. it's magic, really. everyday i tried to take at least one break to enjoy the seemingly perfect weather- friday night with friends at rojo, saturday on a walk to dinner in my neighborhood, and sunday at the pumpkin patch. this weekend i also celebrated an "international" birthday of sorts. and i shared a meal with a celebrity {in the education world at least}, jim burke. here are a few photos to show off my weekend:
{i mean, you know} where there is love,
there is art. 

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