January 7, 2011


did you know that aloha means love in hawaiian? so who wants an update from this hawaiian girl {also known as my best of the best}? i know i do. before she left me once again, flying back to hawaii from nashville, i got these words from this beauty:
Life. is lovely.  A lot has happened in the past five months. It took about a month to find a job, which was frustrating, although I can think of worse places to walk around without a car or job.  During that time, I learned a whole lot about patience and trust. I knew that something great was around the corner so I tried not to get toooo pissy {haha}.
I ended up landing two really amazing jobs. Four days out of the week I work for a company called Pono Pacific. We are a Hawaiian conservation company. Every day we work out in Maunalua Bay ridding the ocean of this invasive algae called Avrainvillea amadelpha {I can't pronounce it either} that has been killing the coral and marine life. It's such a fun job- hard work, but very satisfying. Never thought I would say I have a job where I wear a wet suit everyday and pee in the water more than an actual toilet on a daily basis. But that's not important. I love that I am able to contribute to this beautiful island during my time here. I'm basically like Captain Planet's BFF. 
yes, that is flat stanley. you know him?
I also work at a Tattoo shop three times a week. It's the greatest tattoo shop, and I love every single one of the artists there. Its called Tattoolicious. How appropriate, I know. 
I love life out here and I love life back in Nashville too. It sometimes feels like a win/win situation. After spending an ungodly amount for rent for our mediocre 2 bedroom apartment, we peaced out of the slums of paradise and moved in with our best friends here in Hawaii Kai-- Roz and Randy Mason. They have become our family and have pretty much changed our lives here since the minute we met them. We are really so lucky to know them. 
I will know when my time in Hawaii is up. What I do know now is that I am growing and learning every day, and seeking to find joy and beauty in all I do. Life is still life-- full of your typical day to day struggles and challenges. Some days it can be hard as crap, no matter what sunset you are looking at. But I am one thankful girl, and I am ecstatic to be in this place! I am also really okay with waking up everyday and seeing that sun glisten on that beautiful water. :)
where there is love {or aloha},
there is art.

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