January 10, 2011


while you are snowed in take the time to consider this...
small, fringe hoop earrings- silver from the new spring/summer stella&dot line. 
i love pretty, shiny things. don't you? 
well, these pretty, shiny earrings can be yours for FREE. 
first thing is first... become a "follower" by clicking the button on the right hand side of this blog {if you haven't already}. 
second... post a comment telling me why you would LOVE these pretty, shiny things. 

the drawing will occur on friday.
please comment and become a "follower" prior. 
you have 5 days. do work.

also, if you are interested in seeing more from stella & dot go to this website. you can also contact susan miller, a stella & dot stylist, at miller.susang@gmail.com for any questions. 

where there is love {of pretty, shiny things}, 
there is art. 


  1. They would make a great additional to my accessory wardrobe this winter.

    rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com

  2. FYI--I was a follower before I comment.

    rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com

  3. I love Stella and Dot jewelry and those earrings are just precious! :)

  4. These are just adorable! What a fun giveaway!!

  5. Dear Abby (you know like that lady people call into),
    I am a fellow jewelry lover, and I think those earrings will be a great new addition to my jewelry box (tree same thing). I dont have any like these and I think they will give me the confidence to conquer 2011 ya know! That is why I think I should have these earrings! ps... your a rockstar!

  6. Great idea! I love your blog, giveaways and Stella and Dot jewelry, so I should win right?

  7. Due to the fact that my son and his girlfriend are in Arizona trying to get home. AND my daughter and her husband just got back from Vegas on their honeymoon trip. AND I didn't get to go anywhere!!! I think I definitely deserve these precious earrings to sport around. SINCE I am stuck working to help pay for these other events!!! (and yes, I am not above playing the "pity" card!)

  8. And as the "giver" and "Stella & Dot" stylist....I'll throw in an extra piece if you win these and book a show with me in January or February......just sayin'.

  9. love them and your blog, of course. because where there is art...there is love ;)