January 26, 2011

the love of the stoners.

you will not find a more beautiful couple.
cathey and alex stoner.
i met alex and cathey in college, and was immediately captivated by the beauty of their love story. now i will share it with you... in their own words:
q: how did you guys meet?
a: we first met in sixth grade, when we started middle school… {yea, i know}. we met when kids are the most awkward, braces and all. alex was my best friend in middle school. ae talked about our middle school dramas together, even our “crushes.” i think the moment i realized i liked alex was on our eighth grade school trip to washington d.c. we were such great friends, i even think we said, “i love you” before we started dating. but i did, i loved him so much already. we talked about going to the prom together someday, and made our dream list of places to go once we could drive. seems like a lifetime ago now. we officially stated dating the day before valentines day our freshman year of high school. from that point on we never looked back. yes, it was a LONG road- middle school changes, high school emotions, different colleges, and big life decisions. but we experienced all of these events together which has made it a wonderful journey. 

q: cathey, what do you find most attractive about alex? alex, what do you find most attractive about cathey?
cathey- what i find most attractive about alex is that he is actually a true gentleman… a gentle man. he has a quiet, but strong spirit. i am way more high strung than he is, and he settles me down and knows how to the right way. he can’t lie, not that he is bad at it, but his conscious won't let him. i admire his honesty. i love that he is creative, free spirited, but dependable (the best kind of artist). the fact the he is handsome is a perk!

alex- what i find most attractive about cathey is that she is always pushing me to be better. i love that on paper we are exact opposites, and yet we totally click. she is just a sweet heart. she has the ability to light up any room she walks into, and loves others so well. she helps me care about things that matter and let go of things that don’t. she’s the best.

q: is there a work of art {painting, literature, song, etc.} that best represents your love for one another?
song- Ben Harper’s "Forever"- our first dance song

book/art- The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy. the beautiful and unconventional love story with artwork on every page.

q: what do you guys think is the key to loving?
yes, the cliché things are actually very important. honesty, having fun together, and keeping God in the center of your relationship! but what is also very important is communicating about every single thing. picking your battles is important, but communication is key. knowing your partners love language is essential! my love language is physical touch and acts of service. so i feel most loved when i get unasked for hugs and kisses, or when he does the dishes. that is important for him to know. alex’s love language is words of affirmation. i have to remind myself to encourage and lift him up in his work, his gifts, and his achievements because he feels most loved when i support him. also, this was forced onto us since we were married while in college- teamwork is the ONLY thing that works. we both have so much going on that i am not the only one who can “cook, clean, and make house,” and he isn’t the only one to “take out the trash, pay the bills, and be the bread winner.” we both do it all, pick up slack for the other, and it takes so much pressure off both of us. this was hard for us to get the hang of at first. and last but not least: forgiveness and respect.

where there is love, there is art.

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