January 14, 2011

have you heard? happy birthday.

two very special folks are turning a year older within the week.
first, January 16th...
william hunter hamrick {the little brother} turns 21.
then, on january 19th...
big bill turns... details are useless, right?
happy birthday, boys! love you both very, very much.
where there is love, there is art. 


  1. aah hahah you don't know your dad's age!!

  2. no, i know... i just didn't know if he would want EVERYONE to know. i mean, the man look pretty young. i mean... he is?

  3. I know his age....and it's older than me!!! Ha.

  4. Happy Birthday, Bill and Hunter!!! Bill is NOT old. He is only a couple of years older than me AND I am quite young! Two cuties!!!