January 3, 2011

to honduras with love.

my darling dear, elizabethann, is departing for honduras tomorrow. she has a month-long break from school, and decided this was the opportune time to visit the country {and people} she loves most. before her trip i checked in to ask what her expectations were for this trip {she has been several times}. this is what she had to say:
photo by taylor gunter.
expectations are twofold:
first of all, i'm hoping to implement a couple of new products for Mi Esperanza's summer line- things they haven't done before that will appeal to a wide range of people. i've got a couple of ideas that lori and i will discuss. we'll choose what to move forward with and then head to the honduran fabric store (it's heaven on earth) and get things going. i love to watch the women when we give them something new to sew. they completely know what they're doing, and as i try with my broken to teach them how to make things i've designed, they nod, turn to their machines and just start making them. it never fails to amaze me.
second, i'm just hoping to love on all the women for the next week or so, and remind each of them how truly exquisite they are. i've got a huge bag full of fun things for all of them...i can't wait to watch them go through it all. we will hug each other a lot and laugh a lot. my prayer is that by the end of the week, they just feel loved. 

where there is love, there is art.

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