January 20, 2011

festival season > wedding season.

robert plant. wyclef jean. the avett brothers. mumford & sons. amos lee. john legend. the the decemberists. wilco. cyndi lauper. lucinda williams. arcade fire. willie nelson. gregg allman. the strokes. ms.lauryn hill. robert randolph. 
jazz fest chillage circa 2008.
not too shabby new orleans. jazz fest holds a very special place in my heart {mostly because it's in new orleans}. so while coachella wows the masses, myself included, with an impressive line-up i can't help but remain loyal to jazz fest. if you have the opportunity to go, please do. it is one of those events that you must go to at least once. add it to the ol' bucket list. now i sit and wait for the hangout fest to make an announcement on who will be playing this year. any day now... 
where there is love {of a festival},
there is art.

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