January 25, 2011

you don't know me.

if you don't know that i LOVE music. always have {haven't i, mama?} always will.

now, i realize just 2.5 hours north of me {in nashville} you can hear music just about any time of day. beautiful, beautiful music. while that makes me quite envious, i need you to know that birmingham has it's fair share of fabulous live music options. and so it goes... let me tell you a thing or two...

there's the civil wars. february 4th and 5th. at workplay theatre. as they release their newest album "barton hallow" on february 2nd {buy it}.

on the same night {february 4th}, at bottletree cafe the great book of john.
lissie. february 7th. at bottletree cafe.

willie nelson. february 8th. at alabama theatre.
joshua radin. february 9th. at workplay theatre.

brad paisley and darius rucker. february 11th. bjcc.
jackopierce. supported by my darling friend, matthew mayfield. february 12th. at workplay theatre.

ben rector. february 17th. at workplay theatre.
grace potter & the nocturnals. february 23rd. workplay theatre.

and that's just in february alone... so go ahead and put those pennies together and buy some tickets, eh? make no mistake. you know i am, eh?

where there is love, there is art.

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  1. girl go see as many as you can!!! i'm seeing Sanders Bohlke, The Great Book of John and Joshua Radin in february. crazy month. have you seen Grace Potter live? she's so cool. hope you are great my friend!