August 2, 2010

broheim is a rockstar.

i have a rockstar for a brother. it's no big deal. but, really- it is. williamhunter qualified for the US Amateur today. he is an incredible golfer and just a rockstar of a person. have i said that he is a rockstar yet? now that he has qualified he will be playing in washington state at chamber's bay at the end of this month. this tournament has been played {and won} by the best of the best as they were on the cusp of their professional careers- tiger woods, phil mickelson, and jack nicklaus to name a few. i am so proud of this boy, my williamhunter. once again, he is a rockstar. i look forward to seeing what the future holds. he has been fun to watch since january 16, 1990. i've been proud of be a spectator from the beginning.

where there is love {of a brother}, there is art. 


  1. Yes, he IS a rockstar....but so are you my sweet Haynie!

  2. P.S. I'm loving following your blog....:) and I'm already packed for the beachy!