December 30, 2010


i realize not everyone is a huge fan of new years eve. i hear people say that it's overrated. but it should go on the record that i am notorious for going crazy about any and every holiday. i love a reason to celebrate. new years is no different.

this year i am going to celebrate ringing in 2011 with some of my very favorite people. i am going to nashville. i doubt we will brave the crowds to rub elbows with everyone at the "guitar drop." more than likely we will stay put at the keaggy's home. that's what new years should be about, having a heck of a time with the ones you love most! that's how i want to start 2011.
another reason i appreciate new years is being given a chance to start over, so to speak. i write out resolutions every year. always have. last night i took the time to write my resolutions. they were perfect. none too overwhelming, just simple changes to be made or to emphasize. naturally there were resolutions about health and wellness, then there were others about saving money {i'm so mature... haha}. but probably the most important was encouragement to let my guard down and let myself love. i haven't done that in quite a while. so here we go... 2011. happy new year! cheers!

where there is love, there is art.

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