December 21, 2010

nyc #2.

after the knicks vs. heat game the three of us ventured down to bar breton for dinner. then john and i took a cab to soho for drinks with my friends {lucy, jennie, and barrett} at merc bar. both of these places come highly recommended.
brother and i at the game.
at merc bar. thanks for the photo, lu.
on saturday i woke up at my normal hour while the boys slept in. i walked down to bryant park to grab a much needed cup of joe, as i was anticipating braving the cold to stand in the tkts line in time square. thankfully the line moved rather quickly, and i got two tickets to memphis. all the while the boys woke up and went on their own adventures-- brother to greenwich to be a fashionista and "italy" met up with me in none other than... eataly. this was one of our shared objectives for the trip. eataly definitely did not disappoint. i let john {a.k.a. "italy"}show me the ropes since he is a local of torino, home of the original eataly. we then decided to have lunch at the cafe at eataly. i "made" john order for the both of us. he did a fabulous job. it was a meal so delicious that you can never forget it. completely memorable.
times square bein' crazy.
the italian eataly tour guide.
after lunch we met back up with the brother and walked to broadway. brother and i went to see memphis, while john went to brooklyn to visit a friend. i can not rave enough about memphis, the musical. the music is beyond words. as soon as the show was over brother was "starving," and asked that we go back to john's pizzeria. i obliged his request, and we had a sibling date at john's once again {so not my style... but whatever}.
so deserving of the tony. so wonderful.
inside john's pizzeria. it was formerly a church. obvi?
since this was our last evening in new york we look a long walk down 5th avenue, joined the masses and did a bit of shopping {as in, brother did some shopping per usual}. we then walked back up 6th in perfect view of the tree and radio city.
5th avenue snowflake.
after miles of walking brother retired to his favorite, comfy bed at the ace. john and i went back out to try to find him a hole in the wall chinese restaurant. this is actually harder to do than one might imagine. when we found chinatown express his eyes lit up, only to be disappointed. with a full belly he too was ready for bed, but i was restless knowing this was my last night in the city. i caught a cab and returned to the west village to visit another friend i had yet to see, kacy. shortly there after the worst part of the trip happened, i had to leave new york once again. blah blah blah... it was dumb.
chinatown express. never had i ever. 
home base at the ace.
goodbye, new york. for now.
where there is love, there is art. 

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  1. i went to john's pizzeria last time i was in NY!