December 13, 2010

adventures of a christmas card.

after taking christmas card pictures outdoors yesterday, on what seemed to be the coldest morning of the year,  i awoke this morning to a witty little email from my mother. the subject head read "adventures of a christmas card." what followed was a series of "cuts" from our christmas card photo shoot. not only that, but she had taken the time to create captions for each photograph.  this is precisely what she had to say:
i really do not want to do this.
come on, let's get this over with!
it's too cold for pictures!

what about this?
enough already!
we're out of here!
where there is love {of frost bite}, 
there is art. 


  1. Ahhhhhhahahaaha! Haynie, you are so beautiful...

  2. I so wish I could have been there watching this all take place!! HAHA

  3. I want the "how about this" picture for my Hamrick Christmas card!