December 28, 2010

supper club.

seven dinner parties later.

little helen, rachel, nancy, anna margaret, "ed," {me}, molly, and ann hughston.
when "supper club" began i don't think we ever could have imagined how valuable it would be to each of us as time passes. in an attempt to keep up with are closest friends from high school we started "supper club." our college choices ranged from alabama to DC to the carolinas to ohio. we were aware that our friendships would change, and it would be hard to keep in touch. thus we emailed one another religiously {sort of} through college, and every year at christmas time we committed to having a pot-luck dinner party in montgomery where we all grew up together. the most humorous aspect of dinner is when last years "predictions" resurface. every year we predict what will happen in the lives of each of us, only to read them the next year. obviously, many predictions never come to fruition but others do. for example, this year was the first year that a sweet baby joined us and this had be predicted prior. we have watched one another move cross country {though i stay planted}, make job changes, begin and end relationships... though we might struggle to all keep up daily, we are all faithful to dedicate one day a year to catching up and enjoying the company of the girls who "knew you when."

where the is love {of unique friendship},
 there is art.

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