December 15, 2010

tomorrow is christmas.

not to throw you off or anything, but essentially tomorrow is christmas. tomorrow i leave for new york. my bags are packed. the italian is flying back to america. the city is decorated for me. it's time. it's christmastime. so in the sprit of new york at christmas i give to you this: a guide to new york. dearest elizabethann passed this along to me, so i pay it forward and give it to you. notice: the hotel i am staying in (the ace) is seen in this little guide. things are lookin' good, folks...

NEW YORK CHRISTMAS from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.

oh! and another thing, the likelihood of me blogging between now and sunday is highly unlikely. but stayed tuned because there's a lot of goodness to come... a whole lot of l-o-v-e.

where there is love {in the city}, there is art. 

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